Casual Intensity..

sally-s-spa-logoWatching the intensity with which Bill played Sally’s Spa during a presentation today reminded me of what we owe to Tetris. All casual games of today seem to hark back to a simpler time of falling blocks. Or perhaps even a family game of Connect 4.

Sally’s Spa is currently the top paid app in the iPhone App Store and involves the player “dragging customers to Spa stations such as Saunas, Massage Tables, Manicures & much more!” In the individual stations there are sub-tasks and of course, different customers require different treatments or products to make them happy.

From a gameplay point of view it’s really not so far from dropping oddly shaped blocks into a grid and clearing lines for points. Sure, you can travel to New York, Paris and Rome meeting rock stars and celebrities along the way but you see what I mean. It shows that we all get simple pleasure from putting the world in order, then gaining approval or winning when we do it right.

For me, it’s easy to waste two minutes on Solitaire City – but in contrast to my wife who cares about clearing the cards, with me it’s all about the points. Regardless of which type of idle validation you prefer, iPhone may be the ultimate casual games platform – I think I’d better get my act together and fire up XCode.


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