Bust my neck

long_neckI’ve got a long neck. Giraffe-like you might say. One thing I’ve noticed over the years of working at a computer is that if I slouch for a period of time I get sharp muscle pains between my shoulder blades, and if I persist, muscle spasms and neck pain. Bah.

When I started work in Sunnyvale I had a stand up desk which I quite liked. I managed to find a bar stool for if I wanted to perch, but in the main, I stood. Soon after, I had my ergonomic assessment and lo, in the night my desk mysteriously shrank to regular height. I didn’t like it as much, but they’d put in a keyboard tray to keep my arms level, and adjusted the height of my monitor to the level of my eyes.


Last week however, they seem to have packed my desk up into plastic bags ready to move – where to, I don’t know. I called and emailed the facilities team but didn’t get a response. So I just parked my laptop on the side and worked.

postureI’d noticed my shoulders feeling tight but didn’t really think about it, then on Monday night I spent about 5 hours slouched on the sofa writing documentation. When Christina arrived back at midnight i got up, and knew instantly that some damage was done. The next morning, moving my head side to side was painful and by the end of the day I just wanted to lie down. But this morning, I couldn’t even get out of bed.. when I finally did get up, I couldn’t lift Ethan out of his cot as the pain in my neck flared up each time I moved my arms forward. So bad in fact, that I actually made a doctors appointment to make sure I hadn’t done any serious damage.

Luckily not, just some exercises and a prescription for some muscle relaxers to stop it seizing up over night. But I should know better. We do ourselves enough damage sat at a computer all day – let’s not end up crippled.

Let that be a lesson to us!


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  1. Ouch
    I had to do some serious neck reeducation in January and February… I now make sure I have regular coffe breaks 🙂


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