large20trainspotting20blu-ray6xInterviewing is an odd skill. When I was interviewing for developers I found it easier – I set them short problems, classics like reversing a string in place or simple OO design challenges. In the main, you got a sense for what kind of developer they were.

If I ask you to design me an X did you start by asking “What kind of X?” Did you try to get to the bottom of my real requirement or just launch off in any old direction? Did you fail to write a program that counts from 1 to 10 on your first attempt?

In this case though, I’ve been interviewing for a Project/Program manager and the whole thing is more ethereal. I leave my team to question their technical skills or project techniques and I concentrated more on what kind of person they were. Did they come across as organized? Did they demonstrate an attention to detail? Did I get a sense that they got things done?

To test this, I asked fairly open ended questions and listened to see if they could deliver a closed answer. Could they close down my requirement? Did they dither or get on with a response?

Finally, my favorites.. Why should I choose you? And, what should I have asked you, but didn’t?

Let’s hope it works!


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  1. I think the best question was one asked by one of the candidates:

    “At the end of the year, if I have failed at my job, what has happened in your opinion?”


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