iPhone Games

Again with the games. Watching Bill play a boulder-dash clone this morning made me think about writing something for the iPhone. Sure, there’s 50,000 apps in the store, but you always hold out hope that you could write something awesome.

This made me think about writing code again – why have I not written anything for the iPhone even though it seems to be glued to my hand at times? I have to contest that it’s because even though some of the apps are truly stunning- the touch interface is phenomenal, etc. – no game idea seems to quite work for me. The best really is the tap/tap and drag type such as card games, putting things in boxes, solving simple puzzles, etc. which although I don’t mind playing, have never really driven me to start coding.


The accelorometer-controlled games such as Glyder just annoy me, and the onscreen joystick such as Real Soccer lose it when things start to get exciting. As with many people, I feel sure there is that perfect game/app/thing out there if I look hard enough. Perhaps a little more research, where’s my phone now?

Or maybe I’m just getting old?


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