Trainer Lite

I thought I was doing ok with running in the morning – the guys at work have been doing the 10km, which I’m not really up to yet, but I was good for 5km or so every day when I was back in England. Now that I’m in Redwood Shores there are plenty of interesting routes to run around the lagoons or down to the bay trail – which is pretty, flat, and to be honest easy enough that you feel like you could run for miles.

So how am I doing? I was thinking about getting the Nike+ pedometer, but just the though of a device counting bounces and mapping to distance irks my (carefully buried) nerd impulses. So I checked the App Store.

Running Trainer Lite is perfect. It keeps time and when you’re done shows you your route on google maps. You get an analysis of your average speed for each section and it keeps a log of your progress over time. The good news – it’s free! You can upgrade for lessons, but I haven’t tried them yet. The bad news? I’m only running 2.5 miles. Arse.



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