Wikipedia displaces OED..?

CB029654I have been guilty, on two occasions I can remember (but neither recent) of using the rhetorically using the Oxford English Dictionary to add authority to one of my points. I think both cases involved powerpoint and probably started with “The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘leap-frog’ as..” or somesuch. Yes, it was a cheap trick, probably ineffective and tedious, but it set me up for the main argument.

I’ve seen it used on many occasions in other speeches or presentations but the use today was slightly different. The speaker switched to their slide and began

“So, Wikipedia defines ‘Performance Management’ as..”

Blimey. The good old, trusted OED outed by the word’s best guide to Nazi Chic. I was amazed. We regularly come across stories of Wikipedia abuse, many hilarious, some cheap. Either way, I guess I find myself using it more often than not when confronted with a technique or technology I don’t know about. But I take it with a pinch of salt.


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