Running & reading

I know plenty of people retweeted it, but it’s worth posting again. This is the video of Will Smith’s speech at the Kids Choice Awards which has been set to music. It’s such a great pitch for many ways – but for me the key is that it’s easy to explain to both adults and children, and that it’s easy to remember. Perfect.

Will calls it the Key to Life and for sure, that’s the sale to the adults. They’re already old, cynical and trying to figure out what life is about for themselves. An easy to remember motto for their children is just what they need. Here’s how I explained it to Diarmuid:

1. Running
First, by running every day you won’t get fat. Second, if you’re anything like me, after about five minutes that voice in your head starts asking you why on earth you’re doing this. You could just stop, rest. Walk. There’s nobody behind you with a stick. Nobody’s dying, you don’t have to make it to the pub for last orders. But by sticking with it, by actually getting out of bed in the morning and putting on your shorts or by making time during the day to go for that run you’re training your mind, not just your body. If you can stick with it, even when it seems pointless, then you can stick with anything. As Seth Godin might say, give yourself the power to get over the dip.

2. Reading
If you read every day you will never be thick. If you master not just the ability to rapidly ingest text, but the rigor to do it regularly then your domain of knowledge goes from the tiny sphere of your life to the entire wealth of human knowledge. Awesome.

And not only Diarmuid got it, but Cormac too – and he’s only three. He loves books and likes to run – it’s a concept so simple that even a toddler loves it. So, well done Will for articulating this so clearly and I truly hope you make a difference.


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