Gotten puked on and the bartenders hate me. 5 stars.

IMG_0142My mate Joe from England is in town so we went out for a pint in San Carlos. Not having much experience of bars since moving last year I wasn’t really sure where to go, but remembered there was one on Laurel that looked like your typical American dive: long bar, dark with rock music. Sounded great so we headed down and to be fair, for a Wednesday night, it was ok. They were playing classic American rock, serving Sierra Nevada and the girls were drinking whiskey. Good times. On the other hand, there were only about 10 people in there, they were pretty insular and the beer tasted crap. Bad times. Being nerdy as I am, I pulled out the iPhone to look at our options on Yelp and found two reviews that were perfect.

It was Nicole’s favorite place to go – strong liquor, bar fights and crazy people.

Picture 1

Yet, it was the worst place that the Annster had every been. Drunk people, bar fights and creepy old men. They were probably there on the same night.

Picture 2

For us, it was ok but nothing special. We moved on down the road to the Irish pub.

From a product point of view then, they’d hit a sweet spot with their “design” as far as I could tell. Some customers (many according to yelp) are utterly passionate about the place – they love it, a few absolutely hate it and many others are indifferent.They’ll never attract family diners for a early-evening burger, but something tells me that’s not what they’re after.


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