Life goals

picture unrelated. probably.I seem to be surrounded by people who don’t know what they want and it paralyzes them. To be honest, I don’t really have a life plan – at least not in the long term. To put this in context, I always enjoyed talking with an ex-colleague of mine who explained that strategy had three frames – short, medium and long. Short term is what I’m doing today and long term is what happens after I’m dead. Medium term is somewhere in between.. Thinking of this always puts decisions into perspective for me – and raises a wry smile when somebody says that our long term strategy is to release a great new product, etc.

In the short term, I know exactly what I want. At work, I want make the best products I possibly can. I want to work with a passionate team of people and change the world. To be clear, best means better than anything else in the particular segment that we choose to dominate. It’s not necessarily a technical issue, and I think anyone in any industry can have the same aspiration. At home, I want to make it clear to my wife that I don’t choose work over her, and to my children that I love them enough to give them my attention. For men, this is often a challenge šŸ˜‰

In the long term, I hope that my life will be full, I get a chance to tinker, and people remember me fondly. In the medium term, I think the short and long term strategy collides. We have to strike a balance, have fun, and not be afraid of change when needed.

If you lack confidence, remember that if you think you should have, you probably should have. I’d like to rephrase this – if you think you should, you probably should.


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